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About Us

In 1995, Don Popp brought ONE hive onto his property with the intention of it being a hobby.  With the mentoring from other beekeepers and his growing compassion for the honeybee, this one hive quickly turned into a hundred, then two hundred.  The current (2013) count is at 500+.

Over the years, Don Popp has gained and used his experience by working as Bee Inspector for Butler County and recently for Preble County.  He is also a mentor for a bunch of new-bee’s……. newcomers into the Beekeeping spectrum.

His retail career started at the Black Walnut Festival and then Traders World Flea Market.  After trial and error – he has chosen what he considers the best of the shows and festivals, where you’ll find him selling his wares, talking his talk, proud of the business that he created from the ground up.  He currently showcases his products in selected Kroger stores, Jungle Jim’s, Whole Foods, IGA stores and seasonally in various Produce and Farmers Markets.

Anyone who stays current with the news…knows that the honeybee was on the endangered list.  Without honeybees and what they do for our environment, it would be a hardship on our survival.  With this in mind –  the decision to increase his hive count was easily made this year (2013).  He brought into the Tri-State area an additional 250+ hives to help increase the population.  His love and compassion for the honeybee keeps him and his business going and thriving everyday.

Don Popp’s Honey Farm is strictly a family owned and operated business.  We are proud to put our name on every label, on every container of honey… on every product that is harvested from our fabulous honeybees.











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